The Multimedia and the creativity is the soul of Luis Jardí . The experience is a value and we have more than 15 years developing and creating Music for Video Games, Movies, Advertising, Gambling, Digital Design, Websites Design, Sound Design, Video, VFX and Seo.

I have vast experience as sound designer, musician and game localizations.

I created music for more than 100 games ( Mobile Games, Video Game Consoles, Gambling Slots & Bingo) more than 10.000 sound effects created by me for sound libraries.

I worked as selfemployed person for: King, Ubisoft, Virtual toys, Mobetia, 4Points, Pimienta, Auto Loot Games, Gimages, Marimba, Zest Gaming, Madlord, Exon Group, Uncasual Games and many other independent companies.

Luis Jardi : Music Composer, Sound Designer, Foley Designer, Project Manager, Digital Designer, Photographer & Teacher.

Links: Gamesmith  Soundlister  Tumblr  Flickr    Vimeo    Behance