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Luis Jardí

I have vast experience as sound designer and musician, I created more than 10.000 sound effects for sound libraries. I worked for more than 15 years as sound designer, foley designer and music composer I created sound effects and music for more than 100 games. I worked as self-employed person for: Ubisoft, Virtual toys, Mobetia, 4Points, Game Play Interactive,Zitro, Igt, Zest Gaming, Exon Group, Gigages, and many other independent companies.

Music For Games

I composed music and sound effects for all kind of games and styles of music: Pc , Wii, Facebook…

Sound Design

I work with programs like Fmod, Soundforge, Spectral Layers Pro, Melodyne, Adobe Audition, Cubase Pro 10, Nuendo and plug-ins…


I can create and record voices for all kind of products: Video Games, Advertising, Radio, Tv, and singers.


I can create a lot of music styles and I don´t have problems to adapt the music composition for…