League of Legends Soundtrack Tribute

I´m a fan of League of Legends and this is my tribute score for this amazing game and sountrack.
Proces of music composition: I have been inspired for the introduction in the theme of Braum, the folkloric Irish dance and the Riverdance show.
I thought “Ancient Legends” was a fitting name for this piece, as I imagine my rough and wild character returnig from the batle , tired but victourious, wanting to celebrate in the tarbern the great vistory, drunk and remenmering the fallen soldiers and friends.
Create this pice of music was not easy, get the sound quality of this kind of instruments was not easy.
I recorded differnt heled shoes impacting over foating parket, buy why, 🙂 , ok, I can explaine…don´t think strange things 🙂 . If you´re listened and view the show Riverdance, the dancers hit with the shoes the ground, it´s a very characteristic sound. Using a heeled shoe as hammer with the ground you can obtain very interesting sounds.sound-effects-heled shoes
I have used broomsticks impacting with other sticks to create different rythm sounds.
To create de music composition I used Cubase:
I think I have obtained a very interesting sound result. Considering that I don’t have the Riot Games resources to record with musicians or with an orchestra.
I designed with photoshop the title and the mountain under the orc, the title it’s clearly inspired in the original title of League of Legends
Thanks a lot to X BoWen for his permission to use his character for the cover of the video . Amazing character designer! https://www.artstation.com/aalibabaa
League of Leyeds soundtrack tribute. ( Ancient Leyends )

I created more soundtracks for video games, you can listen more examples of my work here: music for video games