I can create a lot of music styles and I don´t have problems to adapt the music composition for all kind of situations: Action, Horror, Love, Heroes, Openings, etc…

Luis Jardi Soundtrack Flat Planet Luis Jardi Soundtrack Flat Planet
The Patriot- Luis Jardí - The Patriot- Luis Jardí -
luis-jardi-the-winter-hunger luis-jardi-the-winter-hunger

National Geographic:
Music created for visual and sound landscape, adapting to the timelapse to enjoy the spectacle of nature.

Casa Bures:
Music for virtual representation through infoarchitecture of the ambleatic Barcelona building.

Can Caralleu:
Music for the promotion of luxury single-family homes in the urbanization of Can Caralleu de Barcelona

Girona 2:
Virtual 3D animation of the restoration of a Modernist building on Girona Street 2, for later conversion to luxury homes in Barcelona.
We hope you enjoy this animation...

Electronic style musical composition for 3D virtual animation of a luxury home in Marbella, made in 3ds Max + Vray and post-production in After Effects.

Álamos de Bularas:
3D animation of the real estate development of Los Álamos de Bularas in the surroundings of Madrid. Animation made with 3Ds Max and rendered in Vray, the postproduction is done in Photoshop.

Ataulf 7:
Music for housing promotion in the old town of Barcelona.